You know when sometimes you are browsing and you come upon something and you can't believe your eyes.... that's how I felt when I found Wolfechild! Each piece more breathtaking than the last! To me, this is true sartorial kidswear. Claire Wolfe Boockmeier takes old shapes and truly refuels them with a new beginning. Her finishing feels in line with a scandinavian seamstress, I know this sounds cooky, but when I have my cousins here to visit for the summer from Sweden (we usually do a little summer exchange with them) they ALWAYS know how to sew with such precision and finish with perfection - it's beautiful to see! It may be a wide generalization but someone is going to have to prove me wrong!

Wolfechild is a collection to watch, and I am SURE you will see it in MY store and many others very soon, well that's if she can sew fast enough. I was curious so I asked where Claire is from, with that name you gotta wonder! Her response slayed me,

I'm from the midwest. I grew up in Oak Park, Illinois. A suburb of Chicago. My parents were from (different) small towns in Wisconsin so we spent a lot of time traveling between the two states. I was fascinated by the changing landscape from tree lined streets of prairie school homes to massive silos and corn fields that went on forever. I think that really shaped my aesthetic sense.   

I have an older sister, Eleanor. I think we were both born artists. As kids we made videos constantly. On Saturdays in the summer our mother would take us to the garage sales and we'd gather up all the finery we required. We dressed ourselves like gypsies and acted out elaborate scenes for the camera.  My sister was the great actress and I was the fabricator.   At that point there wasn't a lot of sewing happening, mostly just tying, gluing and pinning. But as I got older the interest in design remained and much later the skills developed. 

Okay, so if I wasn't curious before now I'm even MORE in love! I have to say that I am excited to get to know her better and I can tell this is a collection that will fit in perfectly well at Nonchalantmom.
I asked Claire about the coming fall season and she said you can expect some tailored structural items, ooohhh just sounds great doesn't it!

visit Wolfechild here at her website
or her blog here

her new studio space in Brooklyn

and if you want to know more about Claire and you click on "about" on her website, all you get is this image... so THERE! I promise.. we will find out more about this talented lady!