gong bath

this is the only photo I could find online but our gong bath used about six gongs it was done by In Divine Harmony

Ever feel like you want to just push a 'reset' button? I have that feeling a lot. Lately when I do I like to go to a Gong Bath (they hold them monthly here in our town at All That Matters yoga studio). Yes, that is just about what it sounds like.. the first time I went I was worried I might actually have to do some yoga or something but really it's about laying there and letting the gong re-set your vibrations. Sounds good right, it's even better than it sounds!

There is SO much coming at us these days, every day and I know, I know... people have ALWAYS been busy but really I think with the amount of information coming at us each day even if we wanted to turn it off, it would still come and then you have to catch up to turn it off so the stress of that sets you back even further. My biggest stress is that I am not going to remember everything I have to do in a day and then I have to add that onto tomorrow! Sounds familiar right... So Friday I decided to shut it all off and go to the gong. FANTASTIC! Before the gong began our fearless leader told us all to relax and let the gong waves vibrate over and through you. But she also suggested that we take this moment to let the gong re-set all those things that stand between you and letting you be whatever you want to be (she said it differently but there you go... that's MY memory)

Then night before I had watched the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with a few new inductees and one of them was Heart! Now even if they are NOt your favorite band (I grew up with them so I love them!) you HAVE to see this show... Nancy Wilson on the guitar - holy COW! She kicked so high at one point I thought she was going to kick herself in the head... it was AMAZING! In my book she now has a very prominent page, I think she is pretty darn COOL!

that's nancy wilson on the left with the guitar

So there I am in the gong, and all I can think about is Nancy Wilson and how she absolutely rocked it... just doing this show in front of millions of people and just rocking OUT! what kind of freedom is that... it felt delightful and I was happy to be thinking of someone like her. I know there are much higher things out there to be thinking about but there it was -- Nancy Wilson. The gong goes on for one hour and through various strengths of the gonging, some of it deep and loud and then some soft as a whisper. You can hum to resonate with the gong, which feels great, but most of all you lie there and let it float over you and through you.

Its fabulous! try it sometime when one comes your way, I have also been to a drumming which is a little bit the same, but this is more intense. What ever you do try something NEW... it feels really good.

next, I'm going to learn how to play the guitar!

watch the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Awards on HBO