kalon studios

Kalon studios is a young design studio focused on contemporary form and innovative design. These guys not only create beautiful furniture and pieces of art really... but they make you LOVE them even more because they are focused on a philosophy of local manufacturing. Each piece is handcrafted to order from non-toxic and responsibly harvested materials by traditional furniture makers in New England (Rhode Island to be exact!! yay!)

If I had a baby in my belly these are the guys I would turn to for the greatest, most GORGEOUS crib ever! And they are not stopping there... just for the summer they are offering this limited edition PINK colorway that is just the Bee's Knees! Honestly forget all that stuff people tell you you need, this is ALL you really need, for a happy dappy baby! There is a dresser to go with it, just put a changing table on top and you are SET:

not that the crib turns into a toddler bed later... (!!)

If pink is not your bag maybe this cute YELLOW IS! Yellow is really the best pop of color for a home (well that or green) believe me we have tried them ALL, but somehow you never get tired of yellow! here you go, just to get the idea:

and here is how the toddler bed looks:

We are done with this stage but you can STILL enjoy the wonderful things at Kalon... we LOVE these STUMPS:
you can have these mini (for kids) or large for great end tables!

visit Kalon Studio here for more information!