fathers day gift - shrinky dinks!

We are big fans of shrinky dinks in this house and we always have some on hand for a rainy day or a project for a birthday or celebration. For mothers day I got this nice 'piece' with many hearts.. I love it! there is something about the clink of a shrinky dink necklace - The process is simple, and you probably remember doing them as a kid. Then I found this blog on making things for fathers day with shrinky dinks and I thought it was GREAT!

we make these simple necklaces with names and hearts on pictures...

sanders compilation of shrinky dink charms

 This idea by the blog: Oh Happy Day takes it to a whole other level! she gives quick instructions and it's all very easy and simple and makes one of the best fathers day gifts EVER! (it's my husbands lucky charm, he is wearing his now at Art Basel so I can't photograph..)

here is the process that she makes very clear - visit her step by step instructions on her blog - Oh Happy Day

more ideas.. keep 'em coming....!!