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one of the fantastic gondolier you will meet!

When I lived in Italy, Venice was one of those places I loved to visit... when I needed to get away, I took the train to Venice and just wandered around, sometimes my friend Roberto would join me and show me where to eat.. he was a local and he knew where to eat! Venice is like that, if you go off the beaten track you find some wonderful places, all it takes is a wandering spirit.

Doesn't that just SOUND like a good place for kids! At first thought, Venice might not come to mind when thinking about a summer family trip but Florence (not Florence, Italy, Florence the person!) of the fantastic blog Pirouette has some GREAT traveling tips for Venice with kids. She said this year in particular is good because of the Venice Art Biennale this year has kid of educational twist that kids might like, she says it's a up there with New York City or Barcelona for leaving a BIG impression (because sometimes a beach is a beach is a beach for kids...) "The only danger might be the crowds, and the water, but as a well informed Venetian friend remarked, there is no history of children falling in the canals!" suggested Florence.

British Pavilion, Venice Biennale 2013 - Pirouette Blog

Her blog is complete with where to stay and where to eat... two important needs when traveling with family! The Biennale has spaces that are curated by countries - which makes for a bit of a 'round the world' which can be fun for kids!

Ai Weiwei, German Pavilion - Pirouette blog

Thank you Florence for your fantastic blog.. it's a regular stop for me each week!

Pirouette blog - by Florence Rolando

Venice with Children blog - Pirouette

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