rash guard - instead of sunscreen

Somehow I am just now getting on this bandwagon, each year I have the drama of what sunscreen to use - only since Dr. Hauschka stopped selling their fantastic sunscreen in the USA - I have just not found the product that works for the whole family. My son needs sunscreen that won't sweat off during sports, my daughter gets a rash from most brands and then I only use something that is high up on the list of the Environmental Working Group (check your brand on the list here). Three criteria that are differ vastly from each other but are all essential. My favorite so far is Vivesana which is unfortunately not listed but I am pretty convinced it's great or plain old zinc - both of which are not so handy and both are thick and not my kids favorite thing to do.

jcrew's selection for girls

Our new solution is the Rash Guard! It started when Sander needed one for surfing, then when I took up surfing I needed one too... it's SO much easier than sunblock - especially for the kids. Most of these shirts have a SPF factor of 50+ so that's pretty darn good, all you need to apply is the rest of the body and that's SO much easier, add a hat and you don't have much left to lather up on.

In the past, I must admit, these shirts were pretty horrible and just out of sheer fashion sense I couldn't stand them... but now, it's the 'thing' - so there are so many very cool rash guards out there.
Here are a few of our favorites:

crewcuts girls stripe

jcrew - mens rash guard (fathers day!)

jcrew - womens rash guard

This brand Pret-a-surf has some beautiful ones for women, but I'm not so sure of that zipper for surfing!?

pret-a-surf - just this image will get you SOLD on them right!?

We even found some simple and plain ones at Old Navy... but any way you slice it these are SO much easier than sticky lotions and creams (which since we can't even decide if they are good or bad for you why not just NOT use them! - or at least use them LESS). I would suggest the long sleeve, since the forearms on kids are always in the sun!

see how fun they look (yes, I am a sucker for a good photo!)

read the NYT article here

click here for the EWG sunscreen guide