fathers day is on it's way!

We have to think ahead a bit for Fathers Day, each year my husband is in Switzerland with his gallery during Fathers Day for Art Basel (follow him on Instagram as he makes his way though the Art shows: @aureuscontemporary ) We like to shove a few things into his suitcase for a tiny surprise while he is away. So here are some of our favorite things right now for Fathers Day.

fathers day gift ideas from top left: APC handbag, Dram Apothecary bitters make all your drinks and cocktail making that much better!, Junya Wantanabe handbagHOPE sunglasses, U-NI-TY pocket square, Robert Geller bar bracelet, a nice handmade whiskey go to your local liquor store and get some tips, My FAVORITE mens products are by Ursa Major - this kit gives your Dad a chance to try it all (and don't miss trying them for yourself!)

The Soma Water Filter - I know this may not sound like a Fathers Day gift, but trust me it's a nice gift for the whole family and sometimes that's the best gift for Dads too! I found ours at Heath Ceramics but you can probably find them online from other folks.

I think the new Bon App├ętit magazine is just great and I feel like it has sort of a Men's-attitude, could be the editor Adam Rapoport. This travel issue was one of my favorites! (I'll listen to anyone talk about food and travel!!)

Have a Happy Fathers Day and most of all spend it together (because we're not... :(