Cold Brew Coffee

Have you jumped on the cold brew craze yet? well get your butt on there! It's SO good, so much more delicious than regular coffee (and I like regular coffee!) - there is absolutely no acid taste at all! and I just love it. Everyone has their own recipe but here is mine.

you will need:
coffee - coarse grind
filtered water
large glass jar
strainer and coffee filter (but I have used paper towels too!)

My recipe is 1 cup of coarse ground coffee, and five cups of good filtered water. Put these in your big Ball jar. Stir up a bit and put on the lid. Leave it in a cool place (maybe the fridge? just add some brew time I think?) and let brew for at least 20 hours - the more you let it brew the stronger. I like to stir it up a few times as it's brewing too.

I strain mine into a large bowl with a spout. Strain with a strainer and a coffee filter so that you keep out the coudy stoff and it comes out nice and clear. Then I wash out my big jar and pour my cold brew back into my big jar. I use this straight as my coffee, some people make it like a concentrate but this works fine for me. I put this in the fridge and it usually keeps me coffee ready for a couple of days and then I make some again!

I like mine with almond milk and ice! THE BEST!