got a lego freak in the family? try Pleygo!

I found this service and it looks fantastic... Pleygo - what a great idea! It's like Netflix for Legos! The whole thing is SO easy it's crazy, sign up for a plan that works for you, there are three so far and your kids can even get the Star Wars Starship on one of the plans!

So here is how it works, choose your plan - they take care of shipping - make your request, make up a wish list of sets your kids would like and then they will be sent to you just like a Netflix movie. What could be easier? My big question was are these things going to be filthy! and the answer is NO, upon return each kit is fully washed and cleaned with non-toxic cleaners (I'm picturing them running through a dishwasher of some kind) and come out 99.9% clean of all residuals, germs and bacteria.

click here to go to their website and learn more