fathers day finds....

look no further than Pierrepont Hicks - they have got you covered. I love these guys and if I need to know what's going on in menswear, they are my ticket in the right direction. It helps, of course that they are from Minneapolis (my hometown) and then it doubly helps that they are SUPER COOL.

My favorite fathers day gift is a tie because, let's face it, no matter what kinda guy you have - one that wears a tie every day, or one that only has one tie in his collection - he is going to have the love and support of his family when he wears it... RIGHT!?

They didn't stop at the mere tie... they recently went on to make... um, the perfect jacket....(more for fall but still.. you should know about it!)

Then the perfect suit.... (searsucker no less!)

I suggest that you always keep an eye on them, they change (well menswear never really changes that much) just when you need them to and never more and never less.

And if you are lucky enough to live in San Francisco, don't miss Northern Grade visiting that city on June 1st... 11am to 7pm at 111 Minna Gallery SF, CA - it's an open market of mens collections - made in USA - and open to the public.

pierrepont hicks website here
northerngrade website here