Remodelista *blush* love you!

Sarah Lonsdale paid us a house call and came away with a very nice house tour. Thank you Remodelista! and thank you Robyn Ivy for the beautiful shots of our house!

link to full article here
visit robyn ivy photography here


HÃ¥kan Steenberg said...

What a great article on your beautiful house! I have to come back and visit you soon!

Sarah Lonsdale said...

Thanks for letting me feature your brilliant home! Sarah

Hungry Robot said...

I love the photos of your home (and love your shop, of course..I've even visited the brick-and-mortar space in Westerly), but I was sad to learn that you are leaving RI for Cali. Little Rhody's loss (I'm a native!), left coast's gain!

Best of luck!


(Will you maintain the on-line shop?)

nonchalant mom said...

I will ALWAYS have my shop... I lOve it! That's the beauty of online it really doesn't matter where I am... but seriously I love our home and we love RI.. it's hard to say that we would leave.. things are not for certain...