organic avenue :: mothers day cleanse

I am a HUGE fan of Organic Avenue, I am so lucky that a friend I stay with in NYC lives upstairs from one of their shops... my favorites are: latte, almond milk, tumeric tonic, green juice.. and just about ANY of them! They are all so fresh and delicious (and I LOve their glass bottles and use them for everything in the house from flowers to my water daily water bottle). I was so pleased to see that they have done a beautiful juice cleanse for mothers day called: Calm... (nice name) and it has a special deal starting at $180 for a three day cleanse.

click here for the full deal - unfortunately it's only available to New Yorkers... :( but if you are driving through you can get one of their cool packs filled with the cleanse to take home!

happy cleansing!
keep CALM and carry on....