look alikes... maybe it's NOT such a bad idea?

I don't know about you but my mom did the look alike thing with my sister and I - A LOT.. she would sew us matching outfits and if we were say, going on a trip anywhere we had to match, out for a special dinner, matching, etc.. you get the picture. We had matching dresses, outfits and also matching swimsuits! (I'll have to find that photo).

From time to time I will make a go at our kids dressing the same, a bit of a challenge with the boy/girl thing but we will go for the check dress, check shirt kind of thing.. So, with this in mind I wanted to share a few things that we have at Nonchalantmom that can give you the look alike thing... just in case you want to make a go of it yourself! (as in MOM - kid)

here to follow our favorite ideas!
lilit chloe kurta
 This is my favorite top of the summer (I know, I know I keep harping on it!) I can tell you like it too.. they are almost sold out.. I have re-ordered and Lilit is going to make a bunch more for me so we will have those asap! So if it's gone.. it should be back soon enough... I love the kurta for kids because it's great for boys and girls! My son loves this shirt - it's his fancy shirt for events and weddings. - find Lilit here

Lucky Fish octopus T
The lucky fish octopus t perhaps??... OBVIOUSLY this is your favorite lucky fish T, there is also a long take dress for ladies!? but this way you can match your little boy too! always great and totally cool for everyone! - find Lucky Fish woman here - find Lucky Fish kids here
Lilit zig zag shirt
This Lilit shirt is a favorite so I got it for kids too and it's such a perfect shirt for both boys, girls AND mom! - find Lilit here

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