pentax! be chic while you photograph... why not!?

Pentax Q10 - black/brown

Pentax Q10 -white/white

I have always been a fan of the chic camera... ever since my very cool San Francisco boyfriend had a Leica when we were young and we snapped shots all over San Fran, maybe it just brings me back there and those good memories. I will tell you what I am NOT a fan of... photos on my phone, yes I will do it but those are only going to take you so far and since we are big on the photo wall collage in this house we need photos that can be enlarged, and I mean REALLY large sometimes!

Pentax Q10 -yellow/black

Pentax Q10 -green/black

These days I take photos just about every day for my website and blog, when you do something that much you get pretty darn good at it. When I started 10 years ago I had a small sony pocket camera and I used it to take ALL the gorgeous photos on my website (well, most of the time they are gorgeous, sometimes I struggle just a bit). Nowadays I have a Canon G10, which I think is a FANTASTIC camera just between an SLR and a pocket camera it really gets the job done and I have blown up some of the photos into posters and they come out great! My problem, it is not so good in low light.. so I am in the search for a new camera. Which brings me to this blog...

Pentax Q10 - navy/brown

Pentax Q10 - navy/black

Look at these guys for a gorgeous camera! I don't know about you but I am not about to slog around with a giant SLR and this is perfect! And when I checked it out it works nicely in low-light (see more on the review here) and what the hell... I am a sucker for a good looking camera! Just choose your color (and they don't make THAT easy either!). Thank you Pentax for creating a super chic camera!

And there are even MORE colors available... they are listed at the moment on FAB... so go check them out.. click here! What about for MOTHERS DAY!!??

Pentax Q10 - cocoa/black

Pentax Q10 on FAB