a 'flat white' anybody? - this is for coffee people...

Or maybe it's NOT... because it includes milk, which I suppose for any true coffee freak, this just bastardizes real coffee flavor (well at least that's what I was told by a lot of Italians). My friend Jann (Lucky Fish) taught me this one and it's solved my WHOLE coffee problems and it's also solved my Dave's Coffee addiction (or local coffee shop in Westerly, RI) - which was costing me a bunch of moo-la.. in gas driving there (20 min. each way) and then the $4 coffee EVERY DAY.. adds up man!

But I had a hard time living without their fabulous Latte made with soy milk (NOT vanilla soy Starbucks!!) - which to me tastes almost like coffee with chocolate! hhhmmm... excuse me while I go make myself a cup. I make my own now because Jann taught me how to make a "flat white" which I think is South African but I never asked her, I'm just assuming this (and you know what THAT means.. I could be making an 'ass' of myself!). I'll bet you never read this long to find out what the heck something IS...

So, here we go... make your espresso in whatever thing you like to make it in... I've never found anything better than the cheap and lovely La Cafetiere. Steam your milk in whatever you like to steam milk in (I use soy, but Jann claims milk is better - maybe it's not a 'flat white' unless you use milk HA!) I like to use one of those enameled small pots, I think it's really a butter melter but whatever... fill half your cup with milk and then top up with coffee... and then TASTE the deliciousness!


now, go make one! (-just to be clear... this is NOT macrobiotic!)