need a nook (not THAT kind...)

When I was little I was the kind of kid that loved to make little cozy nooks everywhere in the house. I made them in my parents closet (you know... that very back corner!), in the basement under the stairs (we called that the 'scary room'), and even in our bathtub (we had one of those weird triangle-y square ones!). It didn't take much, lot's of blankets and pillows and we always had a few sheepskins around (wouldn't be a Scandinavian home without those!).

I know this isn't nesting, but I am sure that some of you could chalk it up to that... but it's more the 'want' for a place to cozy up and get away from things. I love the looks of these nooks and I just thought I would share them with you... in case you have a space in your home that you don't know what to do with, make a NOOK!

maybe not 'technically' a nook... but still... cozy!
needs some pillows
You get the idea... these are all from my pinterest... follow me and I will keep sharing my nooks!