kids favorites!

Favorites for kids are easy to spot, but we are sometimes tripped up by something cooky... This season we had some standout favorites that you seemed to LOVE! I think that Ikat was definitely most loved by all... and then we filled up on dresses by lilit, LOTS this year for boys by Nico Nico and the ever favorite Lucky Fish T! And since it's still early in the year, my kids can't stop wearing the new slim jeans by ESP no1.. my son even rock climbs in his! that's like a commercial for comfort!

tuss - dorthea dress

these nico nico ikat surf shorts are GREAT for boys! (and girls)

nico nico ikat surf dress
makie jasmine puff sleeve dress/tunic
lucky fish pink base ball t w/seahorses and sunprint dots! (everything but the kitchen sink! - neon, sun print, seahorses...!)
lucky fish neon w/crazy squirrel
To be perfectly honest, there are SO many favorites in the Lucky Fish t's.... obviously you love octopuses, snakes, trophies and anything with moons and stars! They are ALL our favorites and my kids LIVE in these all summer long, I can always count on them for my kids FAVORITES!

And while Wovenplay is always a favorite.. it JUST arrived... I know you LOVE the darger dress so I will say that for now but I forecast the LOLA suit in the mint green stripe... mmmmm LOVE!

wovenplay darger dress
wovenplay lola suit
we are living right now in ESP no1 jeans both boys and girls...

esp no 1 jeans and t's - softness is key!