The Sponge Turns 10

Honestly, Sponge Bob has always been at the periphery of my interest. He appeared on television sometime before I even had children, so I mostly remember him, at first, for being this sort-of cult favorite amongst some of the more progressive adults I knew. His world seemed so outrageous. And, being a yellow sponge didn't hurt either. You might also remember at the beginning that he gained the attention of some morally upright politicians who tried to confuse his attractive and delightfully bubbly sweetness with some deep homosexual conspiracy!

I'm sure there were many college students at the beginning, just like with TeleTubbies, who indulged in a little whacky tobacky and immersed themselves in the deep sea neighborhood. I just wasn't really one of them. I had other things on my mind.

I did cross into Spongey's world, though, over the last few years though. He was fun enough, sure. But what appealed most to me was his seemingly endless supply of unadulterated optimism and kindness, even while surrounded by other characters who did not share in that ideal. So, I shared the program with my kids, but they seemed not to care so much. I just couldn't get the little fellow to stick in their imaginations. Oh well.

Nonetheless, I know many a parent who still raves about him, and his appeal (though not at cult status any longer) seems to have firmly hit the mainstream some time ago. So, for what he might be lacking in my household, he seems to have gained tenfold in the larger world. Good for him -
he's a sweetheart! I wish him a HAPPY 10th Anniversary! For more on Sponge Bob Square Pants and his ilk, there's a good article on him from the recent NY Times. This Friday Nickelodeon will play a Marathon viewing of 50 episodes back to back, as well as 10 new episodes. So, if the little yellow sponge didn't stick the first time around, you have plenty of time to get him to do so this time!