potato salad recipe

Yes, I am sure this could have been more helpful had I posted this recipe before July 4th and believe me it was my goal, but 'better late than never!' is what I always say... This is just a great recipe that has lots of good things in it and hopefully the whole family will love it!

I honestly like to just put anything that I can find in the kitchen (or the GARDEN for that matter) so feel free to improvise!

(serves 6-8 people?)

6 or more potatos - cook until slightly soft in lightly salted water, I like to use organic yukon gold so that I don't need to peel them. poor out water and let cool for a bit (but I do like to serve the salad warm unless its sweltering outside!)

3 green onions (I just chop up the whole thing including the green)
1 tablespoon creme fresh
2 tablespoons greek yogurt (or more if you like it really creamy)
1 tablespoon parsely
1 tablespoon basil
1 tablespoon fresh oregano
(whatever other herbs you like!!-sage? chives? etc..)
salt & pepper

other additions: sunflower or sesame seeds, steamed carrots, grapes, celery...

toss altogether and serve!