Out and About Town: Basel, Switzerland

Taking advantage of the city after indulging in way to much contemporary art back in June, I took a stroll around the Rhine River crossing back and forth over bridges it seemed - not looking for anything in particular. And, then, there is was, sunk down low in an otherwise unremarkable small building - one of the those spaces that are semi-below ground. Nonetheless, it's windows caught my eye: a bevy of 'antique' toys of all sorts - and just from the windows I could see stuff you'd be fairly hard pressed to find otherwise. It was the kind of place that was covered in dust and arranged just barely in a sensible fashion. But, you could easily imagine yourself turning things over, or finding some gem buried in a small pile. There were a few things I would have liked to have got my hands on... but, alas, when I went back the next day I could not find the place open - so I never got in and I didn't have the time to follow through with a phone call, etc. Which rounds out the general picture nicely - because it was one of those kinds of shops that you can just see the owner of - the kind of person not strictly given to following the opening hours. I'm not even sure the place had been open recently.

So, if you happen to find yourself in Basel anytime soon, you might wish to check the shop out and let us know what you find. Damn .... I really wanted to get inside! I've supplied a picture with the sign and info on it just in case you want to know more... but you can see from the pictures that if you get the chance, it could be worth it. That's assuming you have the same thrill we do for hard to find stuff from the past!