Rhode Island Monthly's "Best Of" - Nonchalant Mom!

We have a wonderful magazine here in Rhode Island called RI Monthly and each year they have a big sendoff of their Best of Rhode Island and Nonchalant Mom was voted Best Online Kids Store!! Horay!! It's a readers survey so it's even more wonderful... which means my homestate loves me as much as I love Rhode Island!!

We were especially surprised when they also published a piece on our home here in Matunuck. We love our tiny home and I love how people really feel at home in our house and I think that is what editor Megan Fulweiler found attractive about our place. It doesn't pretend to be anything except a comfortable home for a unique family that spends a lot of time at home. Both my husband and I work from the house (I have my store and Karim has a separate studio on our property but we still spend more time than usual working from home).

But I must add that although my husband is a clean freak our house rarely looks this clean! One of these days we are going to show you a before and after photo... maybe 'day to day' is a better way to put it, our house frequently turns into a photo studio for me to take pictures for Nonchalant Mom and then it easily turns into a giant fort for the kids and then it can also be a wonderful place for lots of parties!

We would like to send a big gigantic thank you to RI Monthly for a wonderful piece on our very special home! THANK YOU!

Nat Rea - photography
Megan Fulweiler - editor


Kristan said...

I love your home! Did you build it yourself? Do you know who the architect was?

nonchalant mom said...

the original summer home was built in 1949, when we got a hold of it in 2003 it was still a summer home. We ended up totally renovating it (and adding heat) but we stuck with the same footprint and philosophy that made us love this house in the first place. AND it is perfectly sited for passive solar which we LOVE!

Kristan said...

Thanks for your response. Right now I live with my husband and three young children in a large old house. We are putting our lovely home on the market because we are dreaming of living in a significantly smaller house that is oriented to the outdoors. That's why I love the pictures of your home. The windows and deck are great! We are hoping to find something we can renovate, too. Did you do the work yourselves or did you work with an architect or designer? If so, I'd love their names.