Rhode Island Monthly's "Best Of" - Nonchalant Mom!

We have a wonderful magazine here in Rhode Island called RI Monthly and each year they have a big sendoff of their Best of Rhode Island and Nonchalant Mom was voted Best Online Kids Store!! Horay!! It's a readers survey so it's even more wonderful... which means my homestate loves me as much as I love Rhode Island!!

We were especially surprised when they also published a piece on our home here in Matunuck. We love our tiny home and I love how people really feel at home in our house and I think that is what editor Megan Fulweiler found attractive about our place. It doesn't pretend to be anything except a comfortable home for a unique family that spends a lot of time at home. Both my husband and I work from the house (I have my store and Karim has a separate studio on our property but we still spend more time than usual working from home).

But I must add that although my husband is a clean freak our house rarely looks this clean! One of these days we are going to show you a before and after photo... maybe 'day to day' is a better way to put it, our house frequently turns into a photo studio for me to take pictures for Nonchalant Mom and then it easily turns into a giant fort for the kids and then it can also be a wonderful place for lots of parties!

We would like to send a big gigantic thank you to RI Monthly for a wonderful piece on our very special home! THANK YOU!

Nat Rea - photography
Megan Fulweiler - editor