car trips - what a way to take a vacation

My memories of vacationing as a kid are usually in a car, I remember our really big station wagon, making beds in the back, playing lots of card games, scratching each others arms (legs, backs, etc..), making lots of things with legos and playing the ABC game way too much! We had a cabin in Northern Minnesota on Lake Mille Lacs--anyone from Minnesota knows about going "up North" for the summers! But when we went skiing we went by car too, and I know that things have changed but we are going to see if we can bring back a bit of nostalgia!

I don't know how I did it but I talked my husband into a car trip to Minnesota, this is a good 26 hour trip so I'm a bit nervous, but I think it's going to be memorable, let's just put it that way! For years now we have been talking about visiting our friends up on Burntside Lake, we used to go up to their island when we were kids and it's certainly been a long time.. so we can't wait! A bit of fishing, camping, swimming and spending the night with the good'old Minnesota Mosquito! So far everyone that we have told about this just thinks that we are crazy but we are going to prove them all wrong (or kill each other!).

Along the way we play to stop in Montreal and Thunder Bay and a couple of places in between, so if anyone has any good suggestions we would be very grateful of any travel tips! (picture above is Burntside Lake)

Nonchalant Mom will be open and working while we are gone so don't worry about missing anything and then when we get back I will be hard at work putting up all of the new collections!