If you are near, or in, central Michigan this weekend and have kids that love trains (like ours) then this is the 'must see' event of the summer! Taking over the Steam Railroading Institute of Owosso, Michigan from 23 - 26th of July is the rare gathering of steam and diesel trains from around the country. Along with the full size examples, including the rare opportunity to see the famous Southern Pacific steam locomotive #4449 known affectionately as the 'Daylight'. These locomotives will be descending on the already existing Steam Railroading Institute located in Owosso, a town apparently only having a population of 16,000, just outside of Lansing we're told. The estimates suggest close to 100,000 will visit this unique event.

The SP #4449 - Daylight makes a rare appearance

I just know, if we could make it, that our kids would love nothing better than to see some locomotives that are rarely brought together for such a thing. Besides the full size trains, the Train Festival 2009 is boasting working model trains of all sizes, lego models, an already existing museum with railroad artifacts, and the opportunity to even get your hands on simulators, and for a lucky few - even an opportunity to get your hands on the actual instruments of a working train. Just imagine how exciting that would be for the kids. We showed our kids the images and that was enough to set them off with chanting "We WANT TO GO"....
oh darn it!

For more information, and just because you might be able to do it, you can go to the official website for the Train Festival 2009 and find more info. I'm sure you won't be disappointed!!