my favorite thing this week! - flower bottles

You know from my flea market section on Nonchalant Mom that I am an avid flea marketer and everything that goes along with that... I can hardly get myself to walk by an antique store without jumping inside! Yesterday I was in New Bedford, MA checking out a factory and there it was a basement full of antiques! heaven!

My favorite thing this week are these lovely flower bottles that I have been picking up here and there, they come in such dramatic and rich colors that I can never just 'walk on by...'! I love to fill them with flowers that are cut from our garden or just flowers that grow wild in the woods and the kids bring home. The best is keeping them by your bedside so that you can wake up to a beautiful, single flower!

You can usually find these bottles in any antique shop, most often they are in the front window catching light. You may have to sift through a few to find the shape you like, sometimes you just have to stare at them for awhile and soak them all in and one will pop out at you (and it is usually not the first on you see or the most obvious one), they are pretty cheap from $1 - $15 and some come with really wonderful words on them, I have one that says 'Bixby' -- which I just love! (and if they are from England, which many of them are, I like to ask my mother in law if she knows what they are!?)