favorite thing of the week!

I have never been a perfume kind of a person, but I DO like to smell good! Usually I just leave it to my favorite Weleda product that I may be wearing at the moment... Summertime can be a particularly tricky time, and honestly I don't like to totally close-out a persons own 'scent', I have always loved the subtleties of each persons scent and I think that it's possible that we Americans do have a bit of a love affair with cleanliness.

BUT then I found Kiehl's Corriander essence... it's an oil and comes with a little roller ball applicator -- it reminds me of 'Spencer Boutique' you remember that store in just about every mall in the 70's and 80's, it was dark and they had those purple lights and they sold oils, posters and incense -- this corriander essence has a really fresh scent and it's easy to wear for men or women.

This is my favorite thing of the week! - Kiehl's Corriander Essence - $25