depression.. try these tips?

I have had a few people contact me with regards to depression, there is a lot going on out there today and it is very hard to deal with it sometimes, and when you have kids it can become very difficult to be at your best. I have wrote about depression before but there are some new things that I would like to suggest, and while I am obviously not a doctor of any kind I think that there are some things that I have gained knowledge in through my life and also through friends. I think that depression can be very serious and you should know yourself and when it is time to see a someone about your issues, but I think that some of these healing techniques can be very powerful and I have personally had incredible success using them.

I also think that depression can be masked by other things that are happening seasonally, currently it is a seasonal change from winter to spring and that can have a very heavy affect and weaken your system, you can feel tired, almost nauseous and even have bowel problems. Your diet also changes quite quickly as you change from heavily cooked foods to salads and a more fresh diet (it's good! but your body has to take time to adapt to these changes). This comes with the changes in every season but mostly winter/spring and summer/fall. A ginger compress can help to strengthen your organs at this time and loosen anything that is stagnant in your system. I like to do a ginger compress on my hara to give me energy as well (your 'hara' is about 1-2" below your belly button--after you take a walk or exercise you can almost feel the energy from your hara pulse if you move your hands in and out in front of that area).

My favorite remedy is Apple Tea, and not many people believe me but when they make it and drink it, for even just one day, they fell better! It happens every time and it's such a simple thing. Take 3-4 apples and cut them into chunks and put them in a large pot with about a quart of water and add 2-3 grain of salt (yes just GRAINS), cook for 1 hour and strain out the liquid. I like to put it in a thermos and then drink it all day. If you can find liquid magnesium you can also add a drop or two. This is such a wonderful tonic and it's effects are amazingly quick and wonderful.

As far as supplements go I talked to Warren King, who is an amazing healer that I have spoken about many times here in my blog, he just launched his new website which is filled with useful information. He also feels that he can now do long distance diagnosis if you feel you would like to do this you can go to his website and email his office and they can set it up. For now, he suggested that people need to cleanse their elimination organs. Warren suggests a product called 'chelidonium plex', 12 drops 2x a day for 24 days (away from food), it cleanses the liver, kidney and lymphatic system (if you can't find it you can get it through Warrens office just email them). He said that fish oil is also helpful, he suggests EPA by Nordic Naturals (2 a day), there is also a product called 'Stress Take Care' by New Chapter to help adrenals.

He also suggests reading 'Three Cups of Tea' by Sarah Thomson, Greg Mortenson, David Oliver Relin and Jane Godall--Warren suggested that sometimes its helpful to see what one person can do and focus on those less fortunate than ourselves in service rather than focusing on ourselves. I would also add that maybe it's time to find some new music instead of listening to the news constantly (this is something that I try to work on too). Take some time and open your thoughts and go outside your own world and really just give yourself some time, and if you can help others it may open a whole new world for you!

I think that being more active and exercising can have amazing results for some people, I have have started doing the Tracey Anderson method for a few months now and I feel great and it really jump-starts my day (instead of coffee!). If I lived in the Boston area I would be going to do yoga with Karin Stephan, she also has a class in yoga and depression. I had the pleasure of going on one of her retreats a few years back and I was in one of her crazy positions and I just remember feeling all of my 'troubles' almost *POP* out of my body, she is a true miracle worker but she makes you work just as hard at it as she does! Her yoga, together with macrobiotic meals on her vacations, and you can be put back on track.

We would love to hear more ideas from people that have had succes with anything! just comment and let's get some ideas out there for everyone!

to visit Warren Kings website - click here