now here's a real gardener... my neighbor Angela!

The whole garden thing really caught on in our neighborhood, and it all started with Angela. She emailed me one day in March and said that she had ordered all of her seeds and made a garden map and would I like to come over and see! It was so inspiring it got me onto working on our little tiny garden... Now I would like to share with you a little inspiration from a MAJOR garden (I am hoping to reap some of the leftovers of her garden honestly...).

Angela worked it out in a very methodical way and started with making a map of her garden, then ordered her seeds (from Jonny's seeds of course!), then sent her husband off to make the beds (she is very lucky... her husband LOVES to do this sort of thing, can you feel the jealousy!)... You know the rest and the result is FANTASTIC I love the way it looks, and it's so easy to get at everything!

Then yesterday she sent me this photograph and told me that they are already eating from the first growth in their garden!!! I hardly have sprouts!!! But it's wonderful isn't it!

Next I am going to report on Angelas chicken coop... it's in the works, chicks are ordered and due to arrive in June... so stay tuned!

Thank you Angela for sharing your inspiring garden with us!