nonchalant kids!

Nonchalant Kids for summer 2009 arrived a bit late but I really loved what we created. It was a very busy time this season, and behind the scenes there was a lot going on, we were not really sure what to expect with all of the economy things going on so we ran our operation a bit close to our chest. As it turns out we were busier than ever, so we really did our best to keep up with you and constantly come up with new things. All of that running around set me behind on my collection...

Once again, I wasn't happy with any prints that I was finding out there in the market so I took my chances on Ikea and I found some really cute things (but this is why we have a few "special editions" and already low stock on some items). I had to send my mom to Ikea in Minneapolis to find additional yardage sufficient for the collection, it all worked out in the end and we found ourselves with just enough for fabric production! The red is from Ikea as well, and the black for the swing top is a really high-end shirting fabric that I found from one of my old supply sources. The batik fish fabric come from an amazing batik supplier who makes only hand batiks, I am crazy for batik and I really love it's unique effect.

I wanted to give you a condensed collection and then offer some variety in fabrics, so we only made our favorites! The swing top is just easy and always looks great, it's fun at any age, any occasion or anything! It's great with shorts, pants or leggings. The halter pantsuit came out of things I found at the flea market, you usually see these in a 100% polyester fabric, but we produced it in beautiful 100% cotton. I have been hearing from everyone that you all want these for yourselves so maybe next year I can do it... we'll see! The knee pants are just a simple pair of shorts that my kids wear all the time in the summer, so I knew that they would work well for all of you!

I would love to hear your thoughts on the Nonchalant Kids collection and I am happy to hear good AND any criticisms you may have! Send us your comments!

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