favorite thing of the week!

Each week we are going to share with you our "favorite thing"...
it can be a person, place or thing... just something that makes us happy!

Please send us your comment with any suggestions on YOUR favorite thing and we will be very democratic about it, toil for hours and take surveys.... NO just kidding... it will not be democratic at all because it will just be little pleasurable things that I like, things that make us happy (I say 'us' meaning 'we the people'), and things that I want you to know about!

This week my favorite thing is something extremely small, wonderfully colorful and it just makes me happy! I usually wear mine piled with other necklaces (and YES, I am almost always wearing one of my nonchalant mom necklaces!) but just the site of it makes me smile!

Matta's Corazon friendship necklace!
I love to give them to friends, they are only $12, and I just hope it makes people just as happy as they make me!

So what is your favorite thing this week! you never know... maybe it's mine too!