ginger compress

Ginger Compress
By Linda Redmond
This is a very useful bit of advice if you have children, especially if they suffer from colds, bronchitis or asthma. It works very well to clear the lungs. It doesn't cost anything but time with your sick child and about $1 for a piece of ginger. My kids actually request it when they get a cold, they love the soothing feeling and care that they get from their mom, and it is a very satisfying feeling to know you are doing something to help them in their time of need. (the above image is a ginger compress on the kidneys, and then you would place a towel over the compress)
1. Grate up a small piece of ginger (preferably organic) until you have a piece about the size of a golf ball.
2. Put it into a tea ball or wrap in cheesecloth and tie it up.
3. Put into a big pot of water.
4. Boil and then simmer for about 9 minutes.
5. Dip the middle of a towel into the hot tea and wring out excess.
6. Slowly, so as not to burn the back, lay the hot towel on their upper back, lung area.
7. Cover with another towel to keep it hot.
8. Let the towel rest on their back for about 10 minutes.
9. Repeat steps five thru eight 3 or 4 times.
You can do this for an hour and then take a break, and repeat maybe 3 times a day. It seems to be very effective in the evening. It's nice to know that your kids can rely on their mom and not a prescription to make them feel better. I promise they will love the attention and their lungs will clear up as well. If you are interested in healing asthma, send me an email to lbredmond@aol.com, and use "healing asthma" for the subject.
As with any remedy it is important that you let your pediatrician know that you are using a ginger compress for your child. If they are a good pediatrician they will probably want to hear about your results, if not and you get laughed at, maybe it’s time to visit a new pediatrician that is more sensitive to using natural remedies.
You can also find this article that my sister wrote, along with more healing tips, on my website along with other remedies if you go to my website and click on 'tips' there is a long list of many healing remedies. click here for a link to nonchalant mom's a-z tips