vivesana - synthetic free sun protection

Remember my post awhile back about Dr. Hauschka not selling their sun protection cream any longer... We got so many sad responses and I don't know about you but I checked everywhere (I finally found one lonely tube at a store). Well the wonderful people at Vivesana contacted me and we have been using their sun cream with great results!

is a new synthetic-free sunscreen that is gentle, hypoallergenic and 70% organic. It's tube is safe, sustainable, domestic and BPA-free! Now if I could only get them to make a collection of kids clothing that is so wonderfully sustainable! They have two products that I really like, the kids 'Solar to Polar Baby' which has an SPF 42 and their other product for adults (also an SPF 40) is a high performance synthetic-free and organic sun care, 'Solar to Polar Ultra' provides durable, clear and antioxident-rich protection. No phthalates, no parabens and no BPA... could life be any BETTER!

Vivesana means - live healthy, and the entire philosophy behind Vivesana is full of healthy wellness. I love that they created the formulation in their own kitchen, with years of research and wanted to create something that made this world better. Showing companies that it could be done... a product could be safer, packaged better, and not harmful to the person or their surroundings, while also giving back to the planet by supporting a few non-profits. Their website is filled with numerous real-life testaments on kids with all kinds of allergies, so read these if you have any questions about allergies.

I feel really good about these guys and it also feels good to I know that this sunscreen works and uses nothing but healthy goodness!

buy Vivesana by visiting their website here.