Let the Kid Be

Julie Blackmon/Catherine Edelman Gallery, Chicago

So, perusing the Sunday New York Times - which is not something I often get to do lately - I came across this story written by Lisa Belkin about a new trend she sees in 'slow parenting'. As much as I'm personally in agreement with not hovering constantly over the kids or having major expectations - I'm Nonchalant Mom for goodness sake - I don't particularly like the idea of putting parenting into such a thing as a trend. It makes it sound like it's a fashion. There are as many different types of parenting as there are parents - and as long as they are full of LOVE for the children, then they should be fine. Anyhow, the article seems to have prompted some debate in the responses section - and if you have a minute, I'd like you to read it and hear what you might have to say about it.