A Summer Full of Ideas

It's hard to imagine your kids bored during the summer vacation. Just the fact that the kids can go outdoors, after a long winter spent trying to find things to do indoors, is a relief in itself for our family. Just the other day I watched my daughter swinging on our tire swing, just gently drifting back and forth with her head bent backwards to see the world upside down. And, my son, he was creating a whole road system in the sandbox. Nothing extraordinary, but both kids just enjoying the nice weather and entertaining themselves. You could think it would go like this forever.

But, as Blair at WiseCraft reminds me, even though there is nothing wrong with the kids having a downtime, or having to entertain themselves, there are those times this summer when the kids will start twiddling their thumbs and be at a loss to figure out what to do with their time. As almost all parents know, it's almost inevitable. And this year, when they start looking to you for answers, you can have some ready.

Blair shares with us some great and simple ideas. I have one too. And if you have any of your own, I hope that you'll share them with us. Because, as you know, there's no such thing as too many good ideas:

1. Grab a pail of water and a paintbrush and "paint" the walls, sidewalks, and fences. Water based... of course.
2. Try some letterboxing with the family.
3. Create home-made buried treasure bottles .
4. Gather your swords and shields, a home-made telescope, and any other adventuresome gadgets in the kids toy box, and go for a small hike looking for monsters or pirates, etc. Really dress it up, that's the fun part.
5. Make some stamps using potato pieces or a painted macaroni necklace with a piece of string.
6. Experiment, experiment, experiment
7. Make some Paper Toys with the kids.... it's easy!
8. Make cookies, or even better, make some jello creations (my kids love to create layers, and float some fruit). A snack made by the kids is even more delicious.
9. Check in with your local library for all sorts of activities. Or, tell a story... make it up.
10. Scavenger Hunt - this could be a fun way to introduce snack time. They have to follow clues to find it.
11. Try and make some home-made paper.... just trying will be interesting.
12. Create a little pool of water in the yard and gather sticks and stones to build an island, or a bridge. Build a log cabin using sticks you find, plant some miniature trees... you get the idea.
13. Never underestimate the ol' puzzle.
14. Or, the ol' game of Hopscotch.
15. Try some Paper Mache.
16. Make an obstacle course and or create a version of Olympic events... make them up! Hand out medals (home made of course)... get all the neighborhood kids involved.
17. Pull out that Button Jar and go to it!
18. Start Building that Tree House.... hint hint.

Let me know if you have some more ideas!