School's Out!

As you can tell by my NON-posting that summer is here, school is out and it always seems to take me a bit by surprise how LITTLE time I find to actually WORK! But once we are into a groove things get much better... the groove is beginning because my husbands niece Olivia is here to help us - YAY!

Since we live far away from both our families my we have been pretty good at "inviting" family to come and stay for the summer and help to play with the kids. Or from time to time I can get a cousin from Sweden to come and help as well. We love it because we get to spend more time with our extended families and the kids get to know their cousins a bit better than just a short visit. But I must say that I do get to spend more time with the kids in the summer than many working parents so I think that we are very lucky.

So as we get into our groove, please take this time to send me emails or comments on what you would like to hear more about from the Nonchalant Mom Blog, we have been inviting some guest bloggers so that you can find out a bit more about some bloggers that I love to watch. I would like to know more about what you want to see from us... is another baby week in order?? As my kids grow I sometimes forget to talk about babies.. I noticed you kind of like to hear about health and beauty too? so maybe some more of that... Please comment and we will do our best to hit all of your suggestions!

Thank you for listening and have a GREAT summer!


kirsten vuissa said...

i wanted to finally thank you for your wonderful blog. i am from germany living currently in the us with my family. i love all your good tips and feel very "at home" at your blog. i appreciate the time you spend blogging. kirsten

pamela said...

i'm with kirsten! i enjoy the health and beauty tips. i wonder if you could blog about people having a hard time getting pregnant? i have two friends in their mid 30s who have had a hard time conceiving and then coping with that let down. any tips on how to talk with them about it or support them through it. it's really hard when you have a kid(s) and it was "easy" for you to conceive, etc... just a thought.
thanks again! love your blog and your shop. it's something i'm striving to have myself!

Faith said...

I absolutely love your beauty product tips and when you talk about your favorite things! You have great taste. I always enjoy my visits here.

maxandbruno said...

I love your blog and I follow from Vancouver Canada. I have been following you for years. I love that you focus on children as they grow up. I find that there are so many blogs that deal with babies and infants, and it is refreshing to read about children, school, children's interests, and how to deal with children as they grow. I really like your guest blogs and I enjoy learning about new ideas for children...you always have interesting ideas and it is refreshing to read your blog. Thank you for your interest and concern in raising healthy children!