present & correct

These guys are one of my favorite shops to check out when I need some time away from 'everything', I just click on my bookmark and take myself away to their happy and colorful place (and can I say organized too!). Present & Correct sent me an email today, they just turned 1! So, I had to take a moment to peruse through their new things, my favorite section is "organise" because I am so NOT organized I love to look at ways to approach being more organized, and why not in a 70's retro way!

Present & Correct is the design store of Neal Whittington, he picks up things along the road in his travels to Amsterdam, Japan, New Zealand and more as well as finding things in his backyard of London. Neal also designs a retro inspired line of paper products that will tickle your fancy and colorful and fun for kids too!

It's an easy stop to brighten your day!

visit Present & Correct here!