The Thunderbirds

Does anyone remember the Thunderbirds? Does 'supermarionation' ring a bell? now you are getting the picture... the Thunderbirds are the 1965 cartoon marionettes of the fabulous Tracy family! Going out on missions that saved the world! If you are looking for something fun and unique for your boys (or even little girls get a charge from this great program) the Thunderbirds are a great rental, you can find all of the old episodes on Netflix. There is even a recent 2004 Movie with Bill Paxton as commander Scott Tracy, and it's directed by none other than Johnathon Frakes ("# 1" on Star Treks Next Genernation series)-it's delightfully colorful and exciting for young kids. But I would start with the old version... and then when your boys are older move onto the new movie.

For our sons Birthday a few years ago we actually found an old Thunderbird 2 on eBay and he just went crazy! It has all the old sayings "F.A.B. Virgil" ...
here is one on eBay for sale but it's from the newer movie
here is one of the older versions on eBay that comes with all Thunderbirds (5, 4, 3, 2 and 1)
we buy lot's of used toys on eBay (orange matchbox tracks, Thunderbirds, the old 1968 memory game...) a little nostalgia never hurt anyone and it somehow makes playing with your kids a little more... well... memorable!

We just wanted to give you a reminder for some small fun for your kids that you will love to see too! Just watch out... in the Thunderbirds old marionette version some of the characters smoke...it' funny such a relic of the past! But your kids may ask what the heck they are doing! But most of all it's delightfully fun and your kids will like it too.. and you just can't resist

5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 .... THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO!!!