I think that I can safely say that I WISH I WOULD HAVE HAD A DOULA! there... I said it! We have received so many comments on Doulas that I felt that we should write something about it, my only issue is that we didn't have one so I can't talk about if first-hand but I will say this... I certainly wish we would have had one and here is why:

I think that regardless of how you feel about your birth you probably want to make sure that you exhaust everything before giving into any sort of medical help and this is what your doula will do for you. Obviously everyone has there reasons for choosing a doula, but I think that it all comes down to having someone there for you to make some important decisions (when you are totally out of it!), you have talked with her at length about how far you want to go before you feel you need 'medical' help and she is very clear about those boundaries because it's her training and she has hopefully done this many MANY times so she knows the various common and not so common scenarios that can be played out during a birth.

She is there to help you and support you and while your husband is there to do the same he has not been through hundreds of births! not to mention the training a doula has gone through and her commitment to your birth. It's important that you take the time to find someone that is in tune with your needs and obvoiously someone that you feel comfortable with but of all the things that can happen during your birth a doula could be the answer to your prayers!

When we realized that I was pregnant for the second time I was pretty sure I wanted a doula, I had a hard time even finding a Midwife in our town so I knew that a doula would be equally challenging. We had taken Bradley method classes with our first son, my husband was a champ and really worked hard for me to make it through and I had a bunch of crazy difficulties, 'partial' placenta previa (what the heck!), slow dialation (so you they try to tell you that the need to speed you up, but WHY?) but we worked it out with our super wonderful Midwife. Now without her I was a bit nervous that it was going to get more complicated, and my husband felt as though we had been through this and so we didn't need a doula... well I am here to say now LISTEN TO YOUR INSTINCTS! So for our second baby we had one of those births that was not what I had planned, but we are all fine in the end so it's all good but had I had a doula I would have felt as though I had tried everything to make it go right.

so there you go... do a little research, learn about a doula, and see if it's the right thing for you! You will know... just as you always do, just listen to your instincts!

more information on doulas visit DONA which is the oldest Doula network--click here

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leavesandfeathers said...

Thank you for talking about doulas here...it is great that you are using your blog to raise awareness of this invaluable service! I am a doula in Brooklyn, and myself have had 2 doula supported births. I can say that my births would not have been the same without my wonderful doula support! More than anything else the doula works to support and protect the mother's memory and feeling of empowerment about her birth...so that when she looks back the mother can know that she was supported and cared for within whatever circumstances she chose for her birth. Such and important, powerful thing and something that every woman deserves. A doula for every woman who wants one!

tara said...

indeed, great topic. the closer i get to my due date, the more i know i want to work with a doula...

jellie said...

Yay for doulas! She was such a blessing. Husband is necessary too but he hasn't been through hundreds of births. I love them both.

lesley said...

I have never had a doula but think they are great way to have a voice while you are in labor.

Anjanette said...

DITTO! HOORAY for the doula. I had the same one for both of my kids and she was a major support. My husband was there for both as well but having the doula, especially for baby number one, was excellent because not only could she ease me but she was easing my husbands anxiety. As for baby number two, my MOTHER was in the birthing room and she actually benefited from my doula. It really made her realize just how critical it is to KNOW what you are doing and what is really going on. She settled the roomful of nerves and made us all realize just how natural, normal and beautiful giving birth is. I certainly hope more women try to get doulas as opposed to just opting for drugs and the pain free delivery. Having babies isn't supposed to be easy and there IS pain involved but in many cases it is possible to get through it without drugs and the doula is there to make it happen. Three cheers!!!!!!!