Feng Shui - bedroom placement

Last week we totally switched around the kids room and the flow is so much better now, why did we have it the old way in the first place? is what we keep asking ourselves... so much more room.

Then I realized that our youngest daughter kept coming into our room at around 2am. Normally they both come in as the sun comes up or just about at 7:30 am, but since the switch our youngest was not sleeping so good in her own bed. Two days ago I thought.. hey, maybe it's the placement of her bed, we had switched her head to face South. I don't know a whole lot about Feng Shui but I always remember that your head should face North for the best, most restful nights sleep.

We turned her bed the other way to face North and voila! --she slept through the night perfectly... I just wanted to share this with you in case you are struggling with your kids sleeping habits, it's certainly something to try if not just to make the simple experiment. It can be challenging to a room set-up but just try it out and see how it goes! I think that if North doesn't work, East is your next best.

My sister is pretty into this kind of thing and has written a good story about Feng Shui on my website and if you haven't read it already it is certainly a fun and interesting read, it goes into more detail about your childrens bedroom set-up
--click here for the story.

good luck!