Bee Pollen

You know that we are always on the search for a new idea and helpful tips on fending off the common cold. Last year we conducted a research project with the kids, we were certain that a salt bath was the way-to-go in fending off the common cold and flu season, and while it's hard to know what we didn't get, because of whatever reason??... we had a pretty healthy season. We gave the kids a salt water bath each night, rarely using soap, just a nice soak in salt water before going to bed.

This year I am trying something on myself... I usually don't use my kids as a laboratory if I am testing out supplements. I am using Bee Pollen, and I have to say that I think that I have had amazing results! when I feel a cold coming on I take some at night and in the morning, otherwise I pretty much take it once a day. I think that it has helped my immune system help fight any colds or flu that have come our way, while everyone in our town had this crazy flu...I felt fine!

In doing some research for this blog, I found this great article in Treehugger that is very helpful, it describes how to use Bee Pollen for Allergies (which I totally believe in and works in the same way that my honey remedy does). Bee Pollen is very versatile and can be easily added to drinks and smoothies, it's important to use good bee pollen and know where it's coming from and it's also important to store it in a cool dry place, it doesn't react well to heat.

As I asked many friends and colleagues about Bee Pollen no-one seemed to have anything to say about it. (I didn't get a chance to ask my good friend and favorite doctor Dr. Warren King--but I will do so and report back if he has some insight) But now I am asking YOU for information? Has anyone else had these results with Bee Pollen?

Stay happy and healthy!