bubble trade show update

The last time that I made a Bubble Trade Show update you all were very excited to see what was going on and for good reason, I think that you love to see what is coming down the pipe! Two weeks ago our whole family made the trek down to NYC; I needed to see the Bubble Trade Show and my husband was involved in the Scope Art Fair, and the kids.. well they came along for the ride!

We decided we wanted to check out the new Standard Hotel in NYC and it was a perfectly terrific place to stay, perfect neighborhood, not noisy and the rooms, although small, are just perfect! (I will add they are not optimal for a family as there is only one king size bed in the room, but we made it work... just like home all of us shoved into one big bed, and actually daddy spent some time on the floor). When traveling with kids there is nothing better than good room service and the staff were delightful and super wonderful with the kids!

Saturday the kids and I went to see daddy at the Scope Art Fair, the kids got to check out some art and have a good time with all of the nutty people there and well, you know how it is with kids, it took pretty much the whole day! Sunday the kids came with me to the Bubble Trade show, we figured they would have more fun at the trade show than at an art show. It was a rocky start, tooth ache... tired, bored (already!) but as soon as the handouts started it all got a little bit more interesting, candy, cookies, bags, etc... everyone was happy except mommy, I didn't get much work done.

I have decided to mix it up next season (Fall 2009) with some new collections that I think will be fun and exciting! Some of the old favorites will still be here but we wanted to bring in some new life, and I think that you will be happy with the decisions, lot's of bright color, fun and unique new shapes! I wish that I would have taken better photos but I kind of forgot about sharing all of this information with you! But you will see it soon enough, things will role in about September... yay! can't wait. I am also happy to say that the show was busy and everyone seemed to be doing a brisk business, good news in this crazy economy.

A brief note about Nonchalant Kids, I didn't get my collection together, I will have something ready for you online in September but I didn't get myself together to show at Bubble.. too much going on! I did get together with kit+lili's Teresa and Meg, and also Jann from Lucky Fish we had a dinner and some good time to talk about business, schools and vacations (or really the lack of vacations!). We like to talk about all of our troubles of the past year, complain a bit, and then move onto plot what we are going to do next, how we can all make our businesses better and help each other in a more effective way! So lot's of news and lot's to do! so I've got to get to work!