Shampoodle - we need more!!

As I suspected would happen, we practically sold out of Shampoodle in two days! I thought you would either think I was crazy with these wonderful Bollywood pants or totally embrace them... and embrace them you did... in fact I think you love them!!

I got as much as I could in the re-order and I think that I have wiped Shampoodle out! I should have more in about 1-2 weeks, if you would like to reserve yourself a pair please send me an email!

Shampoodle is a Swedish owned and run company, the wonderful couple behind Shampoodle are a traveling pair, who don't like to buy new clothes every time a birthday hits their family. The Shampoodle collection wonderfully adjusts to growing kids, it's practical and organic when possible. The summer Bollywood collection was hatched out of the idea to make traveling easy! I took my pants along on a recent trip and I didn't wear anything else! Perfect!!
--Those Swede's aren't they wonderful!
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Olivia said...

Love these- my mom's ordering them for me next week, an early birthday gift ;)
-Olivia H

Anonymous said...

Hi! I already order a pair a few months ago and would like to buy 2 more for my baby girl, I see they are still sold out on your store. Can you tell me if you are planing on re-ordering?
Thanks & Best regards.

nonchalant mom said...

unfortunately these are long gone.. but I am about to order them again for spring 2010! so they will be in my store again come January! new colors (wonderful colors) and the same fun styling! (yay) This time I will order LOTS more!
thank you for your support!