Happy Birthday Barbara Millicent Roberts !!

Otherwise known around the world as 'Barbie' I wanted to join the chorus of people around who are wishing the lady a Happy Birthday. This month she turns 50. But, judging from her appearance, the lady just does not seem to age at all. She has maturely spanned so many important events in the world such as the nuclear age, the Vietnam War, Counter Culture Revolutions, the Women's Lib Movement, The first man on the moon, Watergate, Several Olympics, Disco, New Wave, and 80's shoulder pads, just to name a few! What's her secret? hmmmm.

circa 1950's

She's been busy during these 5 decades too. Barbie has had, by most accounts, over 100 careers since she was born. She had done everything from stay-at-home Mom and glamor queen to astronaut, race car driver, ambassador, gymnast, flight attendant, and even pet shop owner - not to mention a Presidential candidate! Whatever she did, you could always count on her to be FABULOUS! In fact, it is reported that around 70 famous designers have thus far designed one-of-a-kind outfits for the lady. You try getting just one of them to design one for you - this lady has connections! One of my favorites was Malibu Barbie with her camper van!!! My daughter just spied her first Barbie and there was nothing I could do about it - she just so LOVED the princess with her pink dress and sparkling crown. As much as I might disagree with much this 'perfect' young lady has come to represent, I just could not deny my daughter a bit of happiness. And, with that, I have handed the baton down to the next generation.
circa late 60's

circa 1970's

Did you know that when Barbie was introduced in 1959 she had a bra size equaling 40DD and that proportionally, at the time, she would have stood 7 feet tall. She was the epitome of perfection. In 1959 she was introduced as a blonde and a brunette and sold for about $3 - creating sales of about $300,000 in her first year alone. Now, there are estimates that she numbers around 1 billion dolls around the world. Even with all her apparent faults, she did bring hours and hours of comfort and fun to alot of girls the world over. And because it is her birthday this year, we'll shy away from derision and focus on all her capable happiness.

designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier

I thought it would be fun to share some images from over the years. And, if you don't mind sharing - I'd like to hear what you think was your favorite Barbie doll or story related to her.
And, if you have any early images of Barbie, perhaps you could share them with us!