birth remedies that can help

I must confess that I read the book a 'girfriends guide to pregnancy' and I really thought it was helpful for the real-life aspect of pregnancy and giving birth--I laughed while actually taking notes thinking ah-ha! And for me it kind of made the whole thing more funny and relaxed. I found that when I was pregnant I would get these really crazy laughing fits where I just couldn't stop and in the other extreme I had such bad hemorrhoids that I didn't know what to do. It's all a crazy ride and glowing skin and a really funny body and before you know it you have someone else in your life that means more than everything in the world.

Here are some ideas to deal with some of the issues and predicaments you may find yourself in during pregnancy and after childbirth.

1) do those kegel exercises that everyone talks about, because when it comes time to push you won't be thinking to yourself "HOW"? you will know what to do.

2) take it easy and take this time to really enjoy yourself, at the same time if you have hemorrhoids take the bottom part of the banana (that little tip that nobody likes) and stick it in there and they will be gone the next day!

3) talk to your doctor and pick out a favorite tea that both of you think is ok to drink during pregnancy, I chose kukicha (because it has calcium so I thought that was good). carry the teabags around with you so that when everyone is drinking coffee you can have a favorite warm drink as well. to fake a drink remember Roses Lime juice and cranberry and soda water, it's great and feels like a cocktail.

4) don't bring your cosmetic bag to the hospital... trust me... you won't need it!

5) Think about what you will want to eat after birth... all I wanted was Kale and sunflower seeds... cous cous and rasins... it will be something... but you will need that something...

6) I soaked pads in camomile tea and froze them, then I sat on them after the birth of my son, they were wonderful.

7) I don't mean to take any of this lightly, I think it's important to learn everything you can about childbirth and what can happen during your childbirth, and the process. My husband and I took Bradley Method classes in my first pregnancy and it did us a world of good! It gave us the stregnth to stand up to the people trying to shove things at us and say NO, and make a decision that was based on some type of knowledge about was going on. It also gave me the stregnth to take my own time and not rush things of be pushed by others. It's still magical, and if you want to do it intuitively just be sure to know that people will be all over you to do this and do that and it's really hard for you to decide anything at all, so it's really good to have your partner there to speak for you and know what you really want and to stand up to people when it's needed because you will not want to do it.

8) Talk to your mother and sisters and anyone you can in your family that has given birth and ask them about every detail. Most of the time you will have just about the same kind of birth as your Mother or your Sisters... ie. slow dilation, fast birth, whatever... it will do you a world of good to at least prepare yourself for the same issues and know your options. For example if your mother was slow to dilate, knowing that going into the game you will be ready for things to take time, so what is your answer when they ask you if they can use Petocin? you will have your answer ready. even if your birth is totally different you can still listen to their wonderful stories of birth that they have probably mostly forgotten! and never get a chance to talk about anymore ...ha!

9) if your doctor thinks it's ok take a spoonful of flaxseed oil each day, this will help your joints to be smooth and flexible.

10) I have heard that accupuncture is amazing for childbirth. I have a friend who is certain that she had a fast, smooth and easy birth because she had acupuncture to help.

I hope that these suggestions can get you started. Please add your comments to help others in a birth that is more supported by just knowing more information. My favorite story is a friend of my sisters who brought her skinny jeans with her to the hospital becuase she thought she would walk out of there being able to wear them! (yes, this was many years ago when there was a lot less information out there! we are talking 1980's).

Just don't forget to take this moment to be all about yourself, if you are like most women you rarely take the time in your life to only think about yourself, this is your big chance! and soon you will have so much more to think about!