easing into bedtime...

When it's time for bed and your kids are bouncing off the walls, it's time to take action, and here is just a wee bit of a suggestion... before YOU loose your temper. This is also a great thing to do at the end of a particularly exciting weekend when your kids are not really ready to go back to school... just not yet... so this will get them to calm down a bit and relax, plus just the special attention will feel pretty sweet!

Take a nice warm wet wash cloth (those cheap hotel ones are really perfect... you know the ones I'm talking about, scratchy and nubby) get your kids into bed and get them set up for a special treat! Take out each hand and foot one at the time and gently (but not too gentle, I would say it's kind of firm) wash/rub your kids hands and feet (NO soap) and especially in between the finger and toes. This feels so very soothing, refreshing and it gets everyone ready for bed!

I must add that this is a very nice thing to do for yourself, you will enjoy it! You can also do it on yourself in the morning as a nice wake-up. But not in the shower... that's just called washing yourself off with a rag and it's not the same as this gentle stimulating massage.


(I know these photos don't totally coincide with this post but I couldn't find a photo of this type thing so this might help you find any problem areas and you can help with a little extra massage on that area)