skincare! My favorite question!

I received an email the other day about skincare and I thought... perfect blog! I hope that you all comment with some of your favorites because I am always game for new products in this sector as long as they are truly natural and don't have parabens, propylene glycol, or sodium laurel sulfate.. these are three of my favorite "bad guys" and I feel as though if you can get around them in your products you are pretty much home free... but it's not easy!

I really listen to my sister in this 'realm' because, together with her husband, she has created a shampoo that is all natural (see sponsor ad for 'Onesta'). She is particularly weary of scents because this eventually means that some type of preservative has been used, she says there is pretty much no way around this...

So there you go... 'most' of my 'don't-s' but I have a lot of 'do's' that I love and here they are:
Dr. Hauschka - I have used their products for over 20 years now and I have always come back to them when I have had any trouble and it instantly goes away. I remember when I moved back to America from Italy and my skin suddenly got really bad for now aparent reason (Oh, could it have been that I had NO job, NO home, NO money... hhhmmm?) at any rate, I started using the 'cleansing cream' again and I swear the next day--totally gone and I had really nice skin again! If you want to just start with a couple of things use the 'cleansing cream' and then the 'facial toner' and you will be on track... (use the cleansing cream by pushing it into your skin, not rubbing it around, it's a Dr. Hauschka method and you will never wash your face any other way, it's wonderful!). Dr. Hauschka has just created a line for aging skin and it's incredible! I love each of the products, and I think they are really all you and I need for beautiful skin. My skin honestly felt younger immediately with the 'regenerating serum'--I don't have to read the labels because I know that their whole phoilosphy is built on bringing you in tune with nature.
Weleda - These two companies (weleda and dr. hauschka) do run a bit hand in hand, but I love the cheerful packaging and there is nothing better than a bit of Weleda's 'skin food' to help you skin recover from dryness. I just slather it all over my face some nights, it's an amazing drenching eye cream, good for sun burns, etc... The 'Wild Rose' line of products is wonderful as well. I havn't found anything from Weleda that I don't like... and if you are traveling don't forget your skin food! and as for the baby products they are all wonderful! calendula lotion should just be a staple on your home and it's good to keep the 'first aid kit' around for any scrapes, burns and cuts. (oh, and the breastfeeding tea is top-notch!! for the way it tastea and good for your milk)

Stella McCartney CARE. - I am always game for something new and after reading an article on this line of organic and natural pruducts by Stella McCartney I tried a few and they are great, I used the youth serum and my skin really felt wonderful, soft and really thin and young (do you know what I mean thin? ...that soft and supple feeling) I also really liked the way that Stella talked about this line of products she was doing, it all just seemed right. (you can buy it as sephora)

These are my three suggestions, but I would really love to hear from everyone on this subject because I LOVE to try new things. I would also like to mention that many people talk about these products being 'expensive' and I just want to ask you when was the last time you went to Bergdorfs and check out the cosmetics section... IT'S ALL EXPENSIVE! many of these natural ingredients cost more so I feel like it's better to put my money into farming than into packaging!

All of this aside, my swedish cousin was visiting and we steamed our face with a couple drops of tea tree oil and then we made this great scrub from olive oil, oatmeal, brown sugar and maybe something else, it was FANTASTIC!

I am really in search of natural make-up as well... I have not tried those mineral powders, but I think that's the next step. I don't wear a lot of makeup but if I want to look nice I do! most days I don't really care...

good luck!