Art Fair Weekend! March 5 - 9

normally I would leave Karim to do this post but here I go...

Would you like to show your kids some art this weekend?
There are a few opportunities with these three various shows, I think that bringing your kids is up to your discretion but it can be fun to show them a bit of the crazy art world (but remember there are bound to be some graphic images). All three of these shows are very exciting and make for a good educational day, plus the people watching is fantastic! So have a good time, sit back and view some art!

The Armory Show
located at the Piers 92 & 94
time: noon - 8pm
admission: $30 general / $10 students

Scope Art Fair
located at Lincoln Center (tent on the side)
time: noon - 8pm
admission: $15 general / $10 students

Pulse Art Fair
located at Pier 40 (353 West Street @ West Houston)
time: noon - 8pm
admission: $20 general / $15 students

My husband will be at the Scope Art Fair in booth C16 if you want to stop by and say hello!


karen said...

yay! i hope I can make it and see karim's work - he's such a great painter.

lesley said...

looks like fun, wish I could go. Good luck!