a guide to recycled tissues, toilet paper and papertowels

I got an email today from Greenpeace, they have created a handy guide to who is using recycled paper and who is not... just take a look and make sure that the products you are using in your home are NOT using virgin wood cut down for the single use of providing toilet paper, tissues and paper towels, this just seems so obvious... need we say more!

The chart will also show you who uses harmful bleaches to get their products white -- now really, why does toilet paper need to be white!? Go to Europe and it is NEVER white and Never soft... does anyone really care!

You can also go a step further, I was irritated to see that Target stores use virgin wood for it's products and nothing recycled... write them a letter! it's easy to just write a short letter to state your point.

click here for the Greenpeace Tissue Guide


lesley said...

thanks for passing this along. It's amazing how many companies don't use any recycled fibers.

Jeff said...

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