Stamp Fun

Our 4 year old wants to draw well. She sees our 7 year old son do it, and she wants the same results. She's not bad at the coloring books - pretty good at staying in the lines and some interesting color choices. But, she's still a bit frustrated with the free style stuff. So, this evening I started floating to some of my favorite blogs for some fun and relaxation and saw this great stamp set recommended by Rachel at handmade charlotte. The various stamp sets on offer at The Yellow Owl Workshop are not only using natural rubber and reclaimed wood, they go a long way in bridging the divide between being able to draw what you want freely and just plain not. I think my daughter will love the fact that she can create a story using the stamps. She can then feel free to fill in the 'blanks' using her own limited drawing skills. Now, she'll be able to draw without having to worry about some of the technicalities.... what a great encouragement. And, oh yes, as Rachel suggests, the stamps alone are impressive.... and, in my daughter's case, they'll go a long way in encouragement! I'm going to give it a try....no? I'm sure they will be fun.

There's a CityScape, LandScape, WinterScape, and SeaScape. Perhaps a mix and match might be fun too. Whatever you decide, the results look to be beautiful. Check'em out!