healthy treat for lunch boxes

I am constantly looking for something new and interesting for my kids lunches, they almost always look the same and at 7 am it's super hard for me to get creative (but I have found that if I even think about it the night before I can come up with at least one thing that is interesting). Somehow my kids have taken to these carob spirulina squares! I am a big seaweed pusher so I try to work it into anything for my kids! (if only I could make sushi at 7am!)

These healthy spirulina squares have a lot going for them and if your school allows nuts they are perfect! here are some spirulina facts:

Spirulina is a spiral shaped blue-green algae which is one of the basic nutrients in the food chain. Here's why it's so good for you:
Spirulina contains Gamma-Linoleic Acid (GLA) responsible for reducing heart attacks, improving circulation and relieving arthritis pain.
Spirulina contains digestive enzymes and pigments of chlorophyll and phycocyanin which are beneficial to the liver.
Spirulina promotes weight loss and many positive effects on the mind, such as improved alertness!
Spirulina is the highest source of Vitamin B-12 which is essential for healthy nerves and tissue.

These squares have carob, spirulina (usually about 500mg per square), brown rice, papaya juice, honey and rice bran as their main ingredients. You can find them in your local co-op if it offers bulk food and also at Whole Foods (in the bulk section). I think that they are also good snacks for women too as they have lots of fiber.

I also noticed that there is a 'blonde' version of these but they don't have the spirulina but they do have brown rice, etc.. I think they are a great snack too. I love the fact that they are comtact and tiny and not a big 'breakfast bar' kind of thing!

Let us know if you have sucess of failure with these!

you can also purchase online here and get more information.