A Dip Into Hollywood

Annenberg Community Beach House, Santa Monica, CA

I saw this story about the Annenberg Community Beach House in Santa Monica, CA in the New York Times 'Sunday Styles' section and it reminded me that my sister-in-law, Kit, in Long Beach, CA was raving about how beautiful the place was when she recently visited it.

The former beach front home/retreat of actress Marion Davies (and companion to the very wealthy William Randolph Hearst who built a virtual palace for her) from the late 30's to 1947 later morphed into a hotel and beach club. Then much more recently it fell into disuse until it was rejuvenated with the generous help of the philanthropist Wallis Annenberg into a wonderful public beach club. It is all the more amazing given its rich Hollywood history and the fact that it remains open to all equally.

Claudette Colbert and Marion Davies at a costume party in 1937

I've heard nice things about the pool and the area for kids. But, if any of you have been, I'd sure like to hear more about it. Next time we're visiting family in Southern California, I want to make sure we pay a visit to Santa Monica and take a dip. If you want to know more here is some further information.